Automatic Reports

Download the data of Séntisis in a PDF file

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Automatic reports can be defined as reports that can be downloaded in a PDF format, which contain the main available sections of your Séntisis' products. Thanks to them, you can rapidly obtain a file that includes the conversation of a specific period of time in just a few seconds.

Automatic reports are only available in the products of Drive and Race

There exist different kinds of reports that can be downloaded according to your needs, which coincide with different sections that you find in the dashboard of your Séntisis' products:

  • Summary: If you want to know the general outlook - sentiment, mentions in accordance with sources, volume of the conversation, scope, etc. - and the efficiency of the brand, this is your option. It is perfect for obtaining an executive report.

  • Report of brand/sector: This is the most complete report, including a small summary of all the sections of the dashboard. It allows us to see the general outlook of the conversation, the efficiency of the official accounts, influencers, demography, etc., as well as the main topics that surround the conversation.

  • Themes and categories: It includes the information divided by the themes in the selected view - we can see it in Content > Categories -, by being able to see an itemization of them and know which are the most relevant ones in the conversation.

  • Influential users: It shows the most featured users of each of the sources in order to know the users with more scope or relevance that participate in the conversation.

  • Featured content: It includes the most featured mentions and publications in each of the sources in order to know which messages are the most relevant ones in the conversation.

  • Community: It shows the demographic variables and the localization in the conversation.

How is a report created in Séntisis?

In order to create a report, you should follow the next steps:

  • Access Reports, which is placed in the left-side bar - it seems a page with an arrow that is bent downward.

  • Click on Create Report.

  1. Select the period of time from which you want to obtain the report.

  2. Select the view of which we want the report.

  3. Select the kind of report - one of the templates that have been previously explained.

  4. Click on 'Create report'.

Depending on the amount of mentions and the selected period of time, the report may take longer to be created. Once it is ready, you should click on the gears and press 'download' so that the file starts downloading in your browser.

Now you can create a report to print it and take it wherever you want!

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