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Séntisis allows you to grasp all the information which is relevant for your brand in social networks. Analyzing this huge amount of information can be complex, by needing spreadsheets, formulae and display tools.

In Séntisis, we have simplified all this process in order to help you to rapidly extract insights from the social conversation. For that purpose, our dashboard includes a search bar, which permits cross-checking data and an easy and intuitive enquiry of all the information.

This set of filters and searches are called Magic search.

Where is it placed?

This filter is available in the section 'Mentions' - in the left-hand side of the panel.

How is it used?

This functionality mainly includes two options:

Search Bar

Facilitating and accelerating full-text searches - words, sentences, hashtags, handles, etc. -, working as the searcher of other platforms such as Google or Twitter.

The search will be carried out when clicking on 'Enter'.

Advanced filters

A button that permits to combine different criteria of search - so that you can uniquely see the information in which you are more interested - is placed next to the bar.

When you click on it, all the available filters of your selected source will be open.

Each of the sources - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Media - has its own searches criteria.

The Race includes the filter in accordance with Brands.

Facebook e Instagram:

Twitter y YouTube:


The possibilities are not limited to search for messages that contain a specific word, sentiment or category. We can also combine the commonest Boolean operators, such as OR, AND and NOT in the filters.

You can find a list of the available filters here.

What searches can be made?

You can find a wide range of possibilities. However, we show you some of the ones that can be useful when doing an analysis:

  • Lists of users: in the filter 'Author', you can search for several users at the same time - separated by comma. By this way, you can see their impact on the conversation by means of Result Box.

  • Messages that include several categories: in the filter 'Categories', we can select messages that contain, for example, the categories 'Incidents' and 'Receipts', 'Desire for consumption' and 'Trainers' - or any category of a product that belongs to your brand -, etc. In the section 'All these categories':

  • Filter in accordance with age: you will be able to know the positioning of each topic or type of conversation according to each age group. In order to know the demographic detail of a topic of a particular conversation, you can filter - in accordance with age ranges - in the filter 'Community', which is only available in Twitter. By this way, you will be able to find, for example, what the users which are between 18 and 24 years old are talking about when they tweet about one of your hashtags.

Remember that these filters also work in the functionality 'Real Time'.

Keep in mind that...

The advanced filter can be also useful for recategorizing mentions or a sentiment in a much more rapid way, by searching for the mentions which are included in a hashtag, for example, and selecting and including them in a category that we have created in the section 'Analysis' or directly from the box '+', which appears in the mention.

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