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Semantic analysis
Custom Rules - Customize your analysis
Custom Rules - Customize your analysis

With the help of Custom Rules, you can determine the categories and the sentiment of a message from a more subjective criterium

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Séntisis is a technology that is specialized in the analysis of the written language. The information is classified according to semantic rules, which are focused on the context, sector and deliberateness of the user.

You may want the conversation about certain topics to be classified according to a specific sentiment or categories - by following your own criterium. Custom Rules allow you to customize your analysis in order to obtain the desired classification.

You will access the section 'Analysis->Custom Rules' by following the next steps:

Create your own Custom Rule

If you want to determine the sentiment / category of a specific topic or author, you should follow the next steps:

- Select, in the section 'Current categories', those categories that you want to determine and insert the handles of the user to which you want to specify the determined sentiment / category. E.g. Category 'Discount' and author @discount.

- Then, you can determine the automatic addition or deletion of particular categories or sentiment to the messages included in this category or user. This criterium shall prevail over our linguistic classification. E.g. Adding the category 'Events' and determine that all the messages are positive.

After creating this Custom Rule, the messages of the category 'Discount' will be also classified as 'Events' and will be analyzed with the positive sentiment. In the same way, all the messages that have been published by the user @discount will be classified as positive and labelled with the category 'Events'.

Important: Before creating a Custom Rule, contact the manager of the account. It is a manual change in the classification of a message. If it is erroneously made, it could break all the social monitoring.

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