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Analysis of themes and categories
Analysis of themes and categories

Obtain a specific detail of a theme / category in a particular social network

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Themes allow us to organize categories so that we can compare conversational aspects that are related - e.g. a set of hashtags. In the section of Categories, placed in the left hand side bar, we can access these data in order to observe which are the ones that have generated more conversation.

In addition to the fact that we can qualitatively compare themes and categories, this section enables us to extract more data about them, by gathering all the sources or individually.

In the case of RACE, you will be able to see which brands are the ones that are more commonly present in a theme or category.

How can I see the details of a theme or category?

The information of all the analyzed sources will be shown by default along with a run chart elaborated in accordance with themes. Here you will be able to see a detail of each of them, containing keyword cloud, evolution of the conversation, a demographic part and the sources that generate a higher volume. In this way, you will be able to perform a global analysis - of all the accumulated sources - of a theme or a category being in the conversation.

Keep in mind that the themes and categories shown depend on the view that we have selected. If you want to know more about the views, please click on here.

However, you may need to obtain a more precise detail for a specific source. At the top, placed between the views selector and the date, you will find 'All the sources'. On clicking on it, a menu, which contains the different available sources - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Media -, will be opened. You can select the source that you prefer.

On selecting a particular source, you will obtain a zoom, which contains additional data about the selected theme or category - in addition to the information which was available for all the sources: Evolution of the conversation and Keyword cloud.

In this way, you will be able to see which of the users and mentions are the most highlighted in this theme or category of each of the sources. Furthermore, you can see the geographic location and users gender - only in Twitter.

For what can it be useful?

Knowing the most relevant information of each of the sources can allow you to obtain, at a glance, an additional detail, which deals with the reason why a specific theme or category has had a greater impact.

For example, if we have a particular category for a campaign, we will be able to see in the detail of twitter:

  • Which are the most influential users that have participated.

  • Which are the the most highlighted mentions and their potential scope in the conversation.

  • Obtaining a detail that deals with the place in which the conversation about this campaign has been principally located.

  • In what profile the action of the brand has had a greater and better impact.

Other information can be interesting for you:

Once you access the section of Categories, you will firstly find a run chart elaborated in accordance with themes, which is shown by default:

However, this chart can be changed in the following selector:

In this way, you will obtain a general view of the evolution of the conversation in terms of themes. It will allow you to know the moments in which they are more highlighted - selecting these days enables you to deeply analyze them in order to know what element produced this peak in the conversation.

It can also be of interest to you:

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