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How to rapidly observe the metrics

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The summary section - placed in the dashboard - allows you to rapidly and easily display a huge amount of data, so that you know how the conversation has been during a specific period of time.

This section is the only one in which you will find certain kind of data, such as:

  • Mentions in the conversation: total number of mentions of all the sources in a period of time.

  • Unique users, who have participated in the conversation.

  • Accumulated scope of the conversation: The total number of potential views, which have been produced by the volume of mentions.

Remember that the data that are shown depend on the view that you have selected in the top bar.

Summary is the best place in order to see what source is more specifically focused on the conversation and the general sentiment - along with all the sources -, by trying to quantitatively gather what has occurred in the conversation. Furthermore, it enables us to know at a glance: the evolution of the general conversation and the most underlined peak of activity - it also includes information about its negative development -, the most highlighted tweet and the most influential users.

Summary in the product 'RACE'

Concerning RACE, you will be able to see the general quantitative data - as in Drive.

You will find different boxes, in which you can see the breakdown of your brands - the volume of mentions, and distribution and conversation in accordance with the brand -, with the aim of comparing the results that have been obtained from each of them. The pie chart points out, percentage-wise, the SOV - Share Of Voice - for your brand.

Other information that can be of interest to you

RACE allows us to easily know the brands that are characterized by having a more positive conversation, contrasting with the ones that have more negative conversation. Moreover, it shows a contrast between the brands that have specially grown and the ones that have decreased in the same period of time.

It enables us to know at a glance the categories which have specially grown in the selected time. In this way, you will be able to know which topics have more impact in your sector.

The most highlighted Hashtags illustrate the principal tags of the brands, which are more common in social networks.

You should know that:

  • The summary section is available in the products DRIVE, RACE and REVIEWS. You will find it in EXPLORE - in each of the trends.

  • All the quantitative variables contain data that illustrate the evolution (growth or decrease) with respect to the immediate prior, same period of time.

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