The possibility of creating several views allows you to have different structures depending on where you want to focus on more. You can use them to organize the conversation in different themes and categories and combine them with the filters in order to uniquely show the mentions that include a specific sentiment, category or gender. Some examples can be found here:

General view:

Firstly, creating a new view that contains wide themes and categories settings can be interesting, with the aim of having a general view of the conversation.

If you use Séntisis since before the launch of the 'Views', your 'General view' is created by default.

For example, we can include a theme with hashtags of the conversations, another one with informative mentions - category 'intention/informs'-, another one for incidents, etc. In this way, we will have a 'panoramic view' in order to subsequently focus on the themes that we are more interested in.

Do not forget that the 'Without any filter' view can be used as a guide when you include categories inside the themes.

Customer Experience view:

Understanding and improving your customers experience

In this view, we would include different categories, which are related to consumption, such as the following ones:

  • Place of consumption

  • Moment of consumption

  • Desire for consumption

  • Companion - if the product is consumed with someone

  • Combinable - if the product is consumed with other products

In case it is a food product, we could also take account of certain other aspects such as flavor, composition, container, temperature or preparation.

Another option is to create a view which is more focused on the shopping experience, by filtering by other categories such as:

  • Price

  • Availability

  • Orders

  • News

  • Reimbursement

It is necessary to keep in mind that the categories are determined in accordance with your brand sector. Therefore, it is possible that not all the ones observed in the example appear in your dashboard.

Informative conversation view

News and conversation derived from the media

Sometimes, separating the informative and the appraising parts can be interesting to know the importance of each conversation. In order to do that, we would have to filter the view by the category 'informs'.

This kind of conversations, which have a lesser degree of opinion, can keep on having a great value for our brand. Even if they are informative messages, knowing what topic produce more volumen can be really useful for increase the scope of our brand.

Customer Service and Incidents view

Enquiries, channels, incidents, etc…

We can differentiate two clear examples of the conversation that is related to customer service.

  • On the one hand, the one that is more focused on enquiries and matters that can require the answer or service of the brand. With categories that are included in the filter, such as: customer service or conversation/question.

  • On the other hand, we would find the incidents and themes that can be critical and we would like them to have under control. In this case, we would include categories which generally are more negative: incidents, anger, etc.

Remember that each of the views can have their themes and categories. You can combine your 'Incidents' view, for example, with themes that are related to your services: e.g. price, orders, tickets, flavor, etc.

View in accordance with sentiment

Display uniquely the data which are characterized by a specific sentiment

Sentiment filters allow us to display the dashboard by showing only the positive and/or negative and/or neutral messages. These combinations can be useful if we want to analyze uniquely the appraising messages, for example - by means of the selection of the positive or negative sentiment.

Filtering only the positive messages in order to know what categories generate more positivity for the brand, or filtering the negative ones to observe what aspects can have the greatest scope for improvement - or are liable to generate problems, similar to incident views - can be another utility.

View in accordance with gender

Divide your conversation according your target

In addition to the previous filters, there exists the possibility of using the gender filter in order to display only the messages that have been generated by female or male users.

In this example, we would have a view in which we would only see the messages that have been produced by women. Furthermore, if we combine it with themes that include categories that deal with consumption experience (desire for consumption, price, availability...), our products and campaigns or any other focus of interest, we can know where they have a bigger and better impact - in that demographic profile.

Remember that...

The view filters allow us to combine different criteria in order to see only the information in which you are more interested in each moment. Remember that the value of views is not only to filter the conversation, but also to create themes and categories in order to go into the conversation that you have filtered.

The examples of the potential of views previously shown are only some of them. Therefore, you can always create others that can adapt more to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us by chat if you have any further comment or question about the views!😉

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