Views are not only useful for having several themes and categories settings. One of their principal functions is to filter the conversation regarding the themes where the focus generates more interest.

The fields that compose this section are the following ones:

-Any of these categories: Here we can select the categories and the information that we would like to have in this view.

-None of these categories: Here we can select the categories that we would NOT like to have in this view.

-Sentiment: It is used with the aim of enclosing the tone of the conversation - positive, negative or neutral -, which we want to monitor in our view.

-Gender: Would we like to display only the messages that come from the female or masculine gender? This filter will help us with that.

If we create or edit a view, we can use the section Filter so that this view uniquely shows the conversation that is adjusted in accordance with the selected criteria. This allows us to see, in the product section for example, only the conversation of one or more categories, sentiments or genders.

In case you do not want to filter the conversation using any of these criteria, you can leave the field blank.

If we want only the mentions of advertisement and promotions, which express a negative sentiment and have been produced by men, to appear in the view, we would have to select the criteria shown in the previous video.

We can select the criteria by searching for their names in the drop-down menu or writing them in the search engine.

Can I filter according to more than one category/sentiment/gender?

In case you add more than one rule in each type of filter - categories, sentiment and gender -, the conversation will be filtered according to the mentions that include at least one of these rules. In other words, they will be 'adding up'.

For example, if we observe the previous image, we would see all the messages that include 'Incidents' and/or 'Express anger'.

Remember that the mentions can include more than one category

Can I monitor only one part of the information of any of the categories which I am interested in?

There are situations in which we sometimes only want to see certain kind of information in the categories that are going to be monitored in our view. In order to do that, we will use the filter None of these categories. For example, if we want to monitor everything that deals with customer service - in-person attention, attention speed, technicians, etc. - but not the information that includes telephone service, this filter will be very useful:

What happens if I blend several criteria?

In case we want to use some filters, the mentions should obey at least one of the rules of each filter. Please, observe the following example:

In this case, the messages should include the advertising or promotional category, be negative and be published by men. Nevertheless, what would happen in the next example?:

As has been previously pointed out, the messages should obey at least one of the conditions of each filter. Therefore, the mentions should include:

  1. The advertising category and/or promotion.

  2. Positive or negative sentiment.

  3. Published by men.

You can combine the different filters of the view in order to display in the dashboard only the conversation which is more interesting for you in each moment.

Do not forget to Save the changes once you conclude the edition! 😀

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