Products do not have a created view by default. Therefore, you will only find the option 'Without any filter'. Here you will see the raw conversation containing all the available categories, which Séntisis analyzer has detected. This is very useful in terms of knowing what categories generate more conversation in the monitoring process.

In order to have a customized display of themes and categories, creating a view is necessary.

In products that have been created before the existence of this functionality, the 'General view' includes the previous themes and categories settings

Creating the view

  1. The first step that should be followed in order to create the views is to click on Settings - at the bottom left of your dashboard.

  2. Views are placed in the section Display, in the top bar of the tool.

  3. Then, click on Create a view.

A screen, in which we will include the name that we want to display, will appear along with a verification box in order to decide if we want the view to be the default one, which is the view that will be shown when we access the product.

After clicking on Create a view, the option for creating themes and categories will be available inside the view.

Then, there exist several options:

  1. Use the filters

  2. Create themes along with their correspondent categories

  3. Save the view that we have created

It is convenient to create themes inside the views in order to make the most of them. On the contrary, you will not see the details in sections such as 'Categories',

Regardless of what you decide to do, you should save the changes once the edition is concluded.

From this moment, you will find created views in the section of Display, ordered according to their antiquity. The default view, which will appear by default once you log on the platform, will be tagged in the list.

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