From a company perspective, the conversation in social networks, which deals with their brand, products or competence, has a great potential impact. Nevertheless, it is complex in terms of its analysis, since it is an unstructured information. Relevant comments are mixed in the same place in order to improve customer service, generate more sales, know the worth of products or the feedback about marketing actions. A specific technology - Séntisis-, which automatically and intelligently classifies those comments, is crucial in order to take advantage of this value.

Once the conversation is classified, a tool, which allows us to analyze the results from many different angles and cross-check data, is truly needed. These different perspectives of the conversation in social networks are important for distinct teams - Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Corporate Reputation, Customer Experience, Research -, which need a diaphanous view in order to reach more precise conclusions, which help us to make better decisions.

Keeping this need in mind, we launch a new Views functionality, which is in our platform containing monitoring and social networks analysis. This tool, placed in the Séntisis dashboard, permits to create customized views, which are based on the semantic categorizing where the different kinds of conversation are filtered. Each 'View' can be individually configured in order to include the desired semantic categories. In this way, the analysis possibilities are very wide, since they enable us to select the relevant information for our business objectives and independently display it in order to respond specific questions.

This new functionality also provides our users with:

  • A major flexibility in order to adapt the dashboard to your business needs

  • Different teams work with different views, which are based on your objectives

  • Ability to deeply analyze key aspects of the conversation

  • More ease and rapidity in order to access the information

Views present a superior filter layer, which is focused on your business interests in order to make the answer to your questions easier. Some examples can be found here depending on the type of zoom that we want to perform:

  • Customer Experience - in order to understand and improve my customers experience

  • Informative Conversation - news and conversation derived from the media

  • Customer service - queries, channels, support, incidents, etc.

  • Views by Products or Services - for teams that work in the vertical plane

  • Damage Control - incidents in key topics

  • SCR - company conflicts, ethics, executives, workers...

  • Pre-sale - during the sales process - and after-sale experience

  • Leads - complaints made for your rivals

  • Marketing campaign

  • Sales - by means of the following categories: desire for consumption, availability and requests.

Views are a new tool to extract the value of the social networks analysis. They represent a great progress in terms of Séntisis capacity for transforming social relationships big data to business intelligence.

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