Creating a category

Steps that should be followed in order to manually create a category and include it in a theme

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In Séntisis, you can create your own categories when you need to cover a conversational aspect, which is not available through the linguistic categories. The only categories that can be created are the ones that are manually made, since the linguistic ones are not uniquely based on keywords, but also on a semantic-rules system.

In case it is necessary, the linguistic team could create a semantic category, which will be adapted to your monitoring needs.

With the aim of manually creating a category, you should follow the next steps:

  • Go to the settings, placed at the bottom, left corner of the display, and click on 'Analysis'.

  • We click on the green button 'create category', which is placed on the right side of the page - in the middle of it. Five adjoining text boxes will automatically appear.

  • In the box called 'Name', we should assign the title of the category, which will allow us to identify the conversation that is going to be included in it.

  • Then, we find the box 'Description', where the system allows us to specify what is involved in our category.

  • In the box 'Any of these keywords', we are going to write the keywords that we need to identify - they will be separated by a comma. For example, if my campaign is #sweets, we will input #sweets as our keyword.

  • In the following box, 'And any of these keywords', we can write words that help us to enclose the conversation in our category. For example, if we only want to know when people is talking about the Price in the category #sweets, we will input queries such as 'price', 'cost', etc.

  • The last box, 'And none of these keywords', is used in order to differentiate words that disturb our category. It does not delete these words but it does not take them into account in terms of the conversational generation of our category. If we want to know everything about our campaign #sweets, without including everything related to the Price, we will input words such as 'price' or 'cost'.

Remember that inserting the words with and without accent is necessary, but there is not any distinction between upper-case and lower-case letters.

In order to display this new category in the section 'Contents', we should include it in any of the themes in which the conversation of our brand is divided. Remember that you can see how you can add categories to a theme in 'Creation of themes and categories'.

Keep in ming that the conversation will begin to be categorized when you create the category, without having any retroactive nature. Owing to this fact, if you want to add received messages before the creation of this category, you must edit these mentions.

Fast creation of categories

You could need to directly create a category, without going through the section Setting > Analysis. In order to do that, there exists an option which is found when you are going to edit mentions or create/edit a theme within a view. This will allow you to have direct access when you create the categories.

If you need to know more about the section 'Analysis', you can visit the following page:

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