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Authentication for data compilation in social networks

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In order to collect data from the different APIs, the existence of a liaison token, which allows our application to compile information from this social network, is necessary. A token could be considered an entrance ticket, which permits us to collect the data from each source.

In order to do that, you should access the Séntisis dashboard and click on the gears of each of the brands, which include all the products. Then, you should click on ‘Connect’ in each of the social networks – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Doing this task is very important due to the fact that it is essential in order to collect information in any of your products.

Remember that doing this task in each of the brands of your dashboard is necessary.


As far as Instagram is concerned, you need the user – the one that you use to log on – to have management roles in the Facebook fan page, which is associated to your Instagram account.

Your Instagram business profile must be associated to a Facebook fan page in order to collect your own data – comments on your posts and metrics extracted from your stories. You can check the existence of this connection in your Facebook fan page settings, placed in a section called ‘Instagram’.

Dark Posts in Instagram and Facebook

With the aim of collecting paid publications or dark posts, the user which you use to log on Facebook and Instagram must have the management role in the Business Facebook managing advertisements. Only in this way will it be possible to have the different available ads accounts for the correspondent monitoring. In this platform, these accounts are used to create and segment advertisements in social networks.

In order to give administrative permissions to a user in Business Facebook, you will have to access Select Business->Business settings->Advertising accounts->Click on the User>Select 'Manage advertising account'.

Once the permissions have been given to the user, they will have to log again on Sé while they are connected to Facebook.

This will be useful for compiling and analysing advertisements in both social networks, Facebook and in Instagram.

If you keep on having problems to correctly log on after following the previous instructions, please contact

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